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Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is defined as the understanding and adaptation to the medical, psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease. This process integrates:

  • Interpretation of family and medical histories to assess the chance of disease occurrence or recurrence.
  • Education about inheritance, testing, management, prevention, resources
  • Counseling to promote informed choices and adaptation to the risk or condition.

Karyo proudly announces its cooperation with the Harvard Medical School in cancer genetic counseling. Read more.


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BRCA1 Mutation

Why Is the Breast Cancer Test

Myraid Genetics claims to be exempt from the "natural products" exception to patent law, because there are some slight differences between the gene as it is exists in the body and the gene sequence that they have patented. For example, they removed the non-coding portions of the DNA sequence.

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Breast Cancer in Karyo
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  • Next Generation Sequencing provides a rapid, high-throughput and cost-effective approach to read the genetic information in our cells1,#
  • Exome sequencing reports genetic alterations on all ~23.500 human genes and more specifically on their coding DNA sequence (~180.000 exons)2
  • 85% of the mutations linked with genetic diseases are located on exome 3

Cancer Diagnostic Companion tests in Karyo

A companion diagnostic device can be in vitro diagnostic device or an imaging tool that provides information that is essential for the safe and effective use of a corresponding therapeutic product. The use of an IVD companion diagnostic device with a particular therapeutic product is stipulated in the instructions for use in the labeling of both the diagnostic device and the corresponding therapeutic product, as well as in the labeling of any generic equivalents and biosimilar equivalents of the therapeutic product.



Breast Cancer in Karyo

Myriad's BRCAnalysis®

BRACAnalysis® is a genetic test that confirms the presence of a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation. BRCA mutations are responsible for the majority of hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. People with a mutation in either the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene have risks of up to 87% for developing breast cancer and up to 44% for developing ovarian cancer by age 70. Mutation carriers previously diagnosed with cancer also have a significantly increased risk of developing a second primary cancer. Genetic testing, specifically the BRACAnalysis test, identifies patients who have these mutations.


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